Cognito is developing novel and innovative therapeutics designed to potentially improve the lives of patients living with neurodegenerative disease.
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Cognito founders Ed Boyden and Li-Huei Tsai link gamma waves and Alzheimer’s progression

For decades, neurobiologists have been aware that undisrupted gamma wave activity is a measure of brain health and supports key brain processes involved in synaptic and myelin plasticity. Furthermore, this activity is disrupted in neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

During preclinical research at MIT, Ed Boyden and Li-Huei Tsai pushed this knowledge further. They hypothesized that sensory stimulation could evoke gamma activity in Alzheimer’s disease to slow the rate of disease progression. After confirming these observations in preclinical models, they founded Cognito to bring this breakthrough to patients.

cognito vr headset
Cognito's headset design concept
Cognito’s treatment receives FDA Breakthrough Device Designation

Cognito’s treatment was selected for the FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for the treatment of cognitive and functional symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s disease. This designation will help us to reach more patients sooner with our treatment.

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Cognito's headset design concept
Cognito announces successful Phase 2 trial results

Patients in our Phase 2 OVERTURE study experienced 69% slowing of brain volume loss (MRI) and 77% slowing of functional decline (ADCVS-ADL) compared to the control group, without serious treatment-limiting side effects.

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