Your participation is crucial in helping us advance our development of potential treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease. Below we have outlined a few ways you can help contribute. Thank you for your support and please, spread the word so we can continue to move forward.

Available studies

Clinical Studies

New England and Atlanta

Cognito Therapeutics is enrolling in three clinical studies to study the effectiveness of this therapy in Alzheimer’s. Two studies are based in New England and one is based in Atlanta. For more information, please email


To learn more, please visit these informational sites:


Overture Study (New England):


Etude Study (New England):


Flicker Study (Atlanta):

Translational Research

Boston, MA

Cognito Therapeutic’s Translational Research team is conducting on-going studies in our lab at our Boston office to optimize the delivery and effectiveness of our technology. Our current study is called The Ruby Study and includes multiple study arms. We are seeking participants for single session, multi-session, and home-use study opportunities. See if you qualify.

User Experience Research

Global opportunities to participate

In order to design and develop products and services that best meet the needs of patients and care partners, our User Experience team regularly conducts user research. 


We recognize the importance of fostering a deep understanding of the complexities of the people and spaces for which we are designing. We are grateful for the opportunity to hear your experiences and perspectives to inform our focus.


To participate, please email the team at


Opportunities to participate: providing feedback on prototypes and ideas in development, interviews (remote and in-home), surveys, group workshops and more.